II. Tree Walk

Sunday May 21 2017
Washington University entrance, Lindell at Skinker

Led by The One Tree Project

This walk promotes the bodily experience of the Brookings Drive Pin Oak allée one last time. Participants will complete an orchestrated mediation between the vastness of tree body and individual body by materially mapping the interconnected condition between these beings. Each participant will partner with one tree, and beginning their solo walk from that tree into the vastness of the allée — taking their individual trajectory, interacting with other participants and trees along the way. Pace, direction and interaction with fellow participants matter.

And so, while you begin at one tree – you go on a journey ultimately mapping out the constellation of trees and their interconnectivity that makes this landscape an allée. The material result is a mapping of individual paths, but also a mapping of interaction, and ultimately connectivity. This embodied tree experience is part of The One Tree Project, an interdisciplinary Master of Landscape Architecture studio that bleeds between the realms of the arts, sciences, and design disciplines.